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Dalian North Yellow Sea Economic Zone consists of marine industrial economic zone, emerging industrial economic zone and circular industrial economic zone three provincial development zones, with a total area of 95 square kilometers.The economic zone has seven functional areas, including a 16.3 square kilometers of low-carbon circular township demonstration area, a 12 square kilometers of venous industry area, a 3.9 square kilometers of ecological recycling agriculture and fishery area, a 3.7 square kilometers of educational creative intelligence base, a 34 square kilometers of arterial industry area, a 3.2 square kilometers of bonded special-purpose port area and a 21.9 square kilometers of recycling service functional area.

In the economic zone, we focus on creating circular economy, marine economy as well as external demand modern service economy three core plates. Among them, the circular economy sector includes the arteriovenous industry and fur & feather industry; the marine economic sector covers wood household industry, green food processing industry, clean energy production and equipment manufacturing industry as well as cold chain logistics industry; external demand modern service economy sector consists of cultural creative industry, education industry and pension leisure industry.

In terms of arteriovenous industry, it mainly focuses on used automobile dismantling and parts and components remanufacturing as well as a large-scale industrial cluster of new automobile parts manufacturing; in the field of wood household industry, it aims to develop terminals special for wood and a wood household industry cluster; with respect to clean energy production and equipment manufacturing, it mainly focuses on offshore wind power and energy storage projects; when it comes to green food safety industry, it designs to establish a green food industry cluster; in terms of the cold chain logistics industry, it plans to develop refrigeration and frozen food production, storage transportation, sales and other cold chain logistics industry; for the fur & feather industry, it aims to develop fur & feather products processing, auction, display, trade and other fur & feather business; in the field of cultural creative industry, it plans to develop cultural creative streets, water culture museums and towns with distinctive characteristics.