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Three Gorges New Energy Dalian Zhuanghe Offshore Wind Power Project was Officially Launched

On March 31, Three Gorges New Energy Dalian Zhuanghe Offshore Wind Power Project was officially launched. Vice mayor Yuan Keli was present at the meeting and made a speech, Bi Yaxiong (the chairman of China Three Gorges Corporation) and Zhang Shuping (the secretary of Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee) attended the meeting.

This project will build an offshore wind plant with total installed capacity of 300MW and offshore booster station, submarine cable lines, offshore collecting power lines and other facilities, plans to install 73 high power wind turbines with unit capacity of 3-5MW, with a total investment of 5.14 billion yuan.

This project is an important part of Zhuanghe Offshore Wind Plant Project, is also the only offshore wind project in Liaoning province, which has laid a solid foundation for improving the manufacturing and installation capacity of Zhuanghe offshore wind power equipments, promoting offshore wind power development, foundation construction and operation maintenance service.

Through good combination of resource and industrial advantages, it has great significance to alleviate the pressure of energy and environment in northeast China, promote the transformation of energy utilization pattern, optimize industrial structure, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, speed up regional economic and social development.

It will play a demonstration and leading role in the production of clean energy, equipment manufacturing and application.