Investment project

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Circular industry investment department

Investment Projects

1.Domestic renewable resources industry;

2.Imported renewable resources industry;

3.Renewable resources processing industry;

4.New energy and other emerging industries;

5.Low carbon, green, recycling and other high-tech arterial industries with the characteristics of venous industry.

Investment Representative

Wang Ying    

Director General 

Investment Promotion Burea

 Tel.:  0411-8916231 

Wang Haifeng

Deputy Director General

Investment Promotion Bureau

Tel.: 0411-89379925

Marine Industry Investment Promotion Department

Investment Projects

1.Food industry centered on the research and development, processing, storage, trade 

and logistics.

2.Marine biological medicine, health products and other deep processing industries etc.

Investment Representative

Wang Zhongxuan

Investment Director



Sun Shizhu

Investment Representative